Terms of use

1. General rule

  • 1.This Agreement defines the instructions that the user should be followed and the relationship between the user and the J-current ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the " Company")on the service that )operates,

  • 2. On the use of the service, the user agrees to Company's policy that the company handles the information the user offers appropriately based on this terms of service in accordance with the " Privacy Policy " that is set forth separate.

  • 3.It is regarded as the user agrees to this terms of service when the user uses this service, access our websites or uses the service we offer via cellular phone ,mobile device or other media (hereinafter referred to as the " All service") The Company can revise this Terms without prior notice to the user, and apply after revision. It is regarded as the user agrees to the Agreement when the user uses this service after the Company revises the Agreement.


2. Our position in this transaction

The Company provides a system for the user to use this service that provides the opportunity to the transaction between the issuer and the user. This means the company conducts the transaction on behalf of issuer via a terminal and doesn't participate for the content between the issuer and the user.


  • 1. Based on this provision, we grant you that you can receive all services in a non-exclusive format. The Company can update or change this service and our Web site at any time without notice.

  • 2. The Company limit the user to who is 18 years or older or who has the permission of the parents.

  • 3.This service must not be used in violation of the laws and regulations.

  • 4. This service shall not be used for the interests of the commercial or third party

  • 5.The Company stop the service when Laws and regulations has been changed by the institutions with regulatory or legal authority in the region to carry out this service, or if requested by the issuer.

  • 6. The user agrees to use the service in their own responsibility, the Company assumes no responsibility on the services that the user feels uncomfortable or undesirable. And also the user agrees to never use in any way that is not allowed.

  • 7. The user uses the service in a free decision of themselves, and is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Company has the right to change, stop, quit, or be prohibited the service without notice at any time. The Company assumes no responsibility for termination or prohibition to the service. In addition, the Company can restrict the use of this service or the access to website ,without notification. The Company assumes no responsibility in this case.

  • 8. Without damage to the Company's reputation and without capitalize on the Company's reputation, you can link from your web site to this site as long as in a fair and lawful way.


4. Disclaimer of warranties

- Using the service including this website at the user's responsibility.
- The cosutome take responsible for the satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort.
All of them above the customer explicitly confirm and understand. By applicable maximum extent permitted by law, this service, including any error, and there is no warranty of any kind, is provided in the BASIS.
- All guarantee on the service
 - Merchantability
 - Satisfactory quality
 - Adapted to the specific purpose
 - Accuaracy
 - Peaceful use
 - no infringe the rights of third parties
 - any guarantee of explicit,implied and legal guarantee.
The Company is exempt from all of them above.
 - Your use of the service is not subject to interference.
 - This service is not interrupted.
 - It does not contain an error.  
 - The defect is modified.
None of them above we doesn't guarantee.
Notification or advice the Company carried out by oral or written does not constitute a warranty.

5. Limitation of liability

- Personal injury
- Incidental damages
- Special damage
- Indirect damages or consequential damages
(lost profits, loss of data, including the interruption or other commercial damage or loss of business, but not But not limited to these.) Unless prohibited by law, even if the possibility of the damage is informed, the Company does not assume the liability of anything like mentioned above and even though it is caused by the use or this service, unavailability of this service or something related with them, regardless of the result aspect, also regardless of the content of the law configuration related to damages (contract, tort etc.).


  • 1.If the transaction is successful, even if it was thought that there is an error in billing in the issuing terminal, as a rule we shall not accept the refund.

  • 2.With regard to the coin, if you cancel on the issuing terminal in the middle of this transaction we will refund the coins accepted. However, the banknotes cannot refundable even if you cancel midway transaction when received in a time issuing terminal (it is spesification) In that case, and if a problem occurs with the service, the Company returns the amount of money that was introduced in cash by the contact to customer support from the user.

  •  3.The Company has the right to refuse the demand of refund when the user is regarded as correspond to these condition rationally i) If the user attempts to unduly use this provision for refund, such as repeated requests for refund for the same products or features. ii) The user violated the terms of agreement. This Agreement relating to refund is not intended to restrict the user's right of legal claim.

7. Intellectual property right

  • 1.This service (including content and information that is included in these) and their copies, including this website, are protected by the laws and regulations and the Convention on the copyright and other intellectual property rights.

  •  - the ownership,copyright and other intellectual property rights on this web site and this service

  •  - these copies, modifications and derivative works and basic software (including the feedback from the user). The Company or rights holders who licensed to the Company hold all of above.. The user does not acquire any rights or license by using this service.

  • The Company respect the intellectual property rights of others and demand s the user to respect them as well. The user can contact the Company's Copyright attorney and demand to remove them (or access to them) when the user think the material of this service or the material accessible from this service infringes the copyright of the user.


8.The elimination of anti-social forces

 - Gangsters
 - Gang related companies and organizations or anti-social forces similar to this (below, anti-social forces)
 - Members or its officials of anti-social forces (below, antisocial members, etc.) The Company has no relationship with above all and refuses them use thise service.
The user ensures that they are not in the anti-social nd antisocial members to use this service.
-If the user is determined to be anti-social or antisocial members by the Company. -If the user makes a deal that suggests the user may be anti-social forces. The Company takes the prevention measures such as transaction abort or invalid.

9. Jurisdiction

With regard to the use of the services of this License and Use of the Service,the laws of Japan (except for the rules on conflicts of law.) is applied. The Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court of first instance is supposed to be an exclusive jurisdiction court for any and all claims and disputes between the user and the Company with the use of this service. Other local laws, domestic law or international law may apply to the use of the service.

10. Immunity

On any costs, damages, losses, liability and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) ,the user compensates, defends and does not damage the Company on any claim caused by the user's violation of this License.

(Updated: 2016/07/17)